Voted Best Veterinarians in Miami! A Complete Sunset Animal Clinic Update

We did it! Over the past five years, Sunset Animal Clinic has consistently been voted among the best veterinarians in Miami! Our clinic has emerged as the clear winner when it comes to your reviews on Yelp for veterinarians in our area. (Check out our reviews here.)

We love that you love us but that doesn’t mean we’re not always working to improve things for your pets’ health. Here’s what we’re working on…

We’re Among the Best Veterinarians in the Nation for Fear Free Services

Dr. Khuly is on the Advisory Board for Dr. Marty Becker’s Fear Free Initiative. This prestigious organization offers certification for veterinary practices that meet stringent standards for keeping pets comfy during office visits and hospital stays, alike. 

We’re proud to be among the very few hospitals in the country at the forefront of a movement that tries hard to take the pet out of petrified.

We’re Among the Most Cat Friendly Veterinarians in Miami 

Here at Sunset we’re continually looking for new ways to give cats a better experience at the vet’s. We know they’re stressed so we’ve gotten really good at alleviating their anxiety. Here’s how:

  • A separate cat entrance and separate seating area means cats don’t have to interact with dogs (a major stressor!). 
  • A sound-proofed, separate hospital area means cats don’t need to suffer the sounds and smells of dogs while they’re with us. 
  • Use of the Feliway pheromone gives cats an olfactory experience that mimics pleasurable feline aromas. It chills them out … without sedating them.
  • Low stress handling techniques are employed by staff trained to handle cats with minimal stress. 

We Offer the Best Veterinary Internal Medicine and Imaging Services in Miami

  • State of the art digital X-rays (including digital dental X-rays): We use digital technology exclusively and employ radiologists to interpret our images. This extra step means your pets get a built-in board-certified specialist consultation whenever tricky situations arise. 
  • Board-Certified Internal medicine specialists: We work in partnership with the Veterinary Internal Medicine Group. These brilliant specialists (Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Krecik) can perform ultrasounds, endoscopy and bone marrow aspirates, among other procedures. Their expertise has been invaluable to the diagnosis and treatment of dozens of Sunset patients so far.
  • CT Scans: Yes, you can get a CT scan at Sunset Animal Clinic. For pets who need advanced imaging services (for abdominal masses, lung problems, shunts, brain tumors, and spinal diseases, for example), we can pinpoint problems using technology typically available only to humans. Dr. Meaux brings his Mobile Pet Imaging service right to our back door for among the most sophisticated services your pets could require. 

Other Best Practices

  • Novel Software: We’re one of only four hospitals in the country working with the software geniuses at Petabyte to create innovative veterinary software that makes your pet’s record-keeping more accessible to you than ever before.
  • After Hours Triage: We no longer divert our after hours calls to the emergency room. Instead, we’ve hired the credentialed crew at GuardianVets to answer our telephones at night and on the weekends. This way you can speak to an actual human being when you need to –– one that will offer personalized advice and answer your questions objectively –– without the up-charge.
  • Advanced Dental Training: Our entire dentistry staff has received advanced training by Dr. Jan Bellows, world-renowned veterinary dentist at Hometown Veterinary Hospital in Weston, FL. 
  • Referrals to Miami’s best specialists: We only work with the best specialists in South Florida. We don’t refer to one specialty hospital in particular. Instead, we focus on referring you to the one best veterinary specialist available for your pet’s condition, wherever they may be in South Florida. 

OK so that’s enough for now. (This post is already super-long!) Stay tuned for upcoming posts offering patient profiles, new procedures, disease details and more. 

Dr. Patty Khuly (Sunset Animal Clinic’s fearless leader)