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Sunset Animal Clinic

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Patty Khuly
Veterinarian & Practice Owner

Patty Khuly

Dr. Patty Khuly is a 1995 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s vet school and a 1997 graduate of its Wharton School. She attended Wellesley College prior to that, where she received a BA in art history alongside a pre-vet curriculum.

A Cuban-American Miami native and a decades-long Sunset employee, Dr. Khuly is part of the woodwork here. She started cleaning cages when she was ten and never left (apart from her years of schooling, of course). In 2014 she acquired the practice from Drs. Rochfort and Fawcett (whom she considers her two additional dads and the inspiration for her career). 

Though Dr. Khuly currently concentrates on patient care rather than on cages, cleaning kennels is a fact of life for everyone at Sunset –– even for "the boss." In addition to her hectic home life (12 pets, one soon-to-be-husband and one human child, but who’s counting?) she maintains a busy writing career, too. Cooking, knitting and lots of hot yoga are her preferred off-hours de-stressing tools.

"My go-to guru is no other than Dr. Khuly. She is BEYOND personable... She's sweet, sensitive and REALISTIC. She's never recommended anything that isn't necessary or not in the best interest for my little Heidi." - Yelp Reviewer

Dr. Jaclyn Dueñas
Associate Veterinarian

Jaclyn Dueñas

Dr. Jackie Dueñas is an associate veterinarian at Sunset Animal Clinic in Miami, FL and has been with the practice since September of 2017. Born and raised in Miami, Dr. Dueñas has always had a passion and a calling to care for animals. She takes great pride in having fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian.

A true Miami girl, Dr. Dueñas obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Florida International University. Afterwards, she attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the island of St. Kitts, graduating with High Honors in August of 2017.  Dr. Dueñas then returned to the Sunshine State to attend the University of Florida where she completed her clinical studies.

Following graduation, there was no doubt that Dr. Dueñas would return home to practice in Miami. Her areas of professional interest include soft tissue surgery, dermatology, and emergency medicine. Above all, Dr. Dueñas finds fulfillment in being able to help sick and injured animals return to a life of happiness and health with their families.

When Dr. Dueñas is not seeing pets at Sunset Animal Clinic, she enjoys spending her time with her husband (Danny), her toddler (Jake), and her sweet little dog (Luna). And she'll be extra-busy soon with her new human baby, expected in November of 2021. 

"Dr. Duenas took the time to answer our questions, give as much information as possible, and did so with great kindness. My husband and I especially appreciated her honesty and compassion." – Yelp reviewer

Dr. Katerina Kuscevic
Associate Veterinarian

Katerina Kuscevic

Dr. Kateria Kuscevic (AKA Dr. "Kat"), is our aptly-named resident rock star. She's both musician and veterinarian, but it's easy to overlook her musical side when you see her work her animal magic. Moreover, she's trilingual! She speaks Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese along with her native English and plays the oboe, ukelele and electric violin, too!

Dr. Kat received her DVM in 2020 from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to that she received her Bachelor's degree in biological sciences from FIU as well as a BA in music and Spanish literature from the University of Miami. She was, of course, a New World School of the Arts student during her high school years here. 

As a veterinarian, her special interests include internal medicine, dermatology and dentistry. On her off hours she counts SCUBA diving, painting and gardening among her non-musical, non-animal interests. 

She lives nearby with her husband, Brandon, her dog, Kira, and Ting the island cat (adopted during vet school, of course). 

Dr. Karen Fernandez
Associate Veterinarian

Karen Fernandez

Dr. Fernandez is the newest veterinarian to join our family. And we are SO lucky to have her! Her unparalleled devotion to her patients is exactly what sets her apart from the crowd and also what makes it seem like she's been at Sunset forever.

Since her very first day here, her neverending patience, positive outlook, well-honed clinical skills and aptitude for extensive client communication have earned her the fierce loyalty of our entire Sunset family. From patients and their people to her colleagues and coworkers, everyone loves Dr. Fernandez!

Dr. Fernandez graduated in 2018 from the Ross School of Veterinary Medicine after completing her clinical year at the Auburn University College of Medicine in Alabama. She then spent almost three years in corporate veterinary practice before diving headlong into the world of independent veterinary practice medicine at Sunset, where she has clearly found her groove!

In her off-hours, Dr. Fernandez enjoys spending time with her newlywed husband, Nestor (who is also a veterinarian!), and their rescue dogs, Luna and Nala. 

Connie Rocamonde
Practice Manager

Connie Rocamonde

Connie’s career at Sunset has spanned almost two decades, during which time she’s amassed more unexpected life skills than her background in operations might have predicted. Getting bitten in the backside and handling it with grace is but one of her newfound areas of expertise.

Audrey Mateo
Reception Team

The intrepid Audrey had no idea what she was getting into when she accepted a reception team position at Sunset. Though she might’ve preferred a coveted spot on the Olympic softball team, we're is a close second. Where else can she hone her prodigious people skills and trust someone to groom her Chewy, too?

Estela Torres
Patient Services Guru

Estela  Torres

Deep into her second decade at Sunset, Mickey’s fierce dedication to treating patients as if they were her own is undiminished. Pity the fool who stands between Mickey and the proper administration of patient care.

Kristen McReynolds
Head Surgery Technician

Kristen McReynolds

Meet Kristen the Great. While primarily responsible for running the surgery department, she serves as head surgery tech too. Her past credentials include the management of a busy after-hours emergency room and training students in equestrian competition. She lives in South Kendall with a large menagerie, including two rambunctious pups and their tyrant, a small demanding female human, Peyton.

Jenae Jenkins
Clinic Crew Manager

Jenae Jenkins

Jenae is a Georgia native, which probably explains why she exudes so much southern charm! She's naturally gifted as both human and animal whisperer and, as such, she's in charge of the kennel crew (a pack of wild things in their own right). On her off hours she enjoys spending time with her husband, his Caribbean-rooted family, and her new sewing machine!

Nancy Zidek
Laboratory Crew

Nancy Zidek

Since 1988, Nancy has taken the lead in the laboratory at Sunset. Her magical way with cats and her steady hand at the microscope, among other invaluable assets, are legendary here. She lives in Westchester with Caramel, a rescue pup whose name perfectly matches her disposition.

Corey Raymond
Laboratory Crew

Corey Raymond

Our resident whiz kid, Corey, is helping bring Sunset’s computer systems into the 21st century. Oh, and did we mention he’s a whiz around the animals, too? Just ask the kittens. They’ll agree. That is, as long as he’s the crew member currently opening the can of cat food.

Devin Gamboa
Clinic Crew

Devin  Gamboa

Devin is Sunset's all-purpose veterinary assistant extraordinaire. That means he's equally at home holding dogs, taking X-rays, feeding kittens, and scrubbing floors. His aspirations to a career in veterinary medicine mean he'll soon be taking on laboratory and surgery duties along with the rest of his responsibilities.

Geena Velez
Clinic Crew

Geena Velez

On Geena's very first day she disappeared silently into the disturbingly disorganized kennel area. Within the hour she had emerged, victorious; order had been restored. Such is the Way of Geena: Silent. Stealthy. Ordered. Effective. Oh, and the kittens purr at the very sight of her. Conclusion: She must have been a cat in all her past lives.

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