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A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

Dr. Khuly and her pet

Just like humans, pets need regular, thorough dental exams to ward off periodontal (gum) disease–one of the most common ailments affecting small animals–and oral conditions. At Sunset Animal Clinic we provide safe sedation dentistry that includes teeth cleaning and polishing, digital dental x-rays, and simple to complex extractions. Our oral surgery services include mass removal, uncomplicated fracture treatment, and laceration repair. All of our dental technicians have undertaken continuing education courses with board-certified dentist Dr. Jan Bellows who is always available for the treatment of more complex dental conditions at Hometown Animal Hospital in Weston, Florida.

We recommend once-a-year exams for most dogs and cats. Certain breeds prone to gum disease and pets with existing oral conditions might need more frequent visits.

Warning signs that your pet might have gum disease include chronic bad breath (contrary to popular opinion, bad breath in pets is not normal), loose or missing teeth, swollen or bleeding gums, and trouble eating or tilting the head while eating. Please contact us right away if you notice any of these signs or see lumps in your pet’s mouth or on the gums.

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