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Our Sunset Animal Clinic Family Is Growing! Here's what to expect as we strive to bring you our best:

It's true. We're getting bigger! The pandemic has spawned a huge population of new puppies and kittens, leading most veterinary practices to experience a veritable explosion of new patients! It's a wonderful thing, to be sure, but it's been a challenge!

We've been working hard to keep up by growing in efficiency (new workflow procedures and new software, for example) but also by growing our family. Dr. Karen Fernandez joined us seven months ago and we couldn't be happier! She's been a perfect fit for our family and her positivity has lifted family morale substantially, in spite of the pandemic.

We've also been joined by a few new team members, who've also helped us manage the influx of pandemic pups/kitties. (Read more about Dr. Fernandez and our new Clinic Crew in the "About Us" section.)

In case you haven't seen Dr. Dueñas in a while, she's been getting bigger too! This month she and her husband, Danny, are expecting their second child. Congratulations Dr. D!

For many of you, Dr. D's bouncing baby (girl/boy?) means your favorite veterinarian won't be around for four whole months! (That's never easy.) For the rest of you, one less vet means you may have a slightly harder time getting your pets seen as soon as you've come to expect. Rest assured that your daytime emergencies will be seen as soon as they need to be but even those with longstanding appointments may, at times, be asked to make way for sicker patients. 

Congratulations are also in order for Dr. Fernandez as she celebrates her nuptuals with her vet school sweetheart, Nestor. She'll be taking a couple of well-deserved weeks in November to honeymoon. Lucky her!

For the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Dr. Kat and I ask that you be especially patient with us as we work long hours to hold down the fort. We know you depend on us so we plan on muscling through with the same attention to detail you've become accustomed to. Just go easy on us when we ask that you wait a little longer or speak to our technicians instead of us directly. It's much appreciated, especially as we head into holiday mayhem!

Thanks again for being part of our family! And happy holidays to you and your furred family, too!

Dr. Patty Khuly


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