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Pets Can't Get COVID-19! Your safety at Sunset Animal Clinic

To Our Pet Parents:

In light of current events, we'd like to inform the entire Sunset Animal Clinic family of the safety precautions we’re taking to protect you, your families, and our wider community from COVID-19 exposure.

But first, please understand that dogs and cats cannot contract, carry, or otherwise disseminate Covid-19. Your pets are safe! Read the CDC’s statement, below:

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Adding After Hours Services To Sunset Animal Clinic’s Best Veterinary Practices

Bringing the best veterinary care to our patients sometimes means shaking things up a little. In this case, I’m referring to our new after hours service. 

For years, when you’d call us after hours we’d automatically shift your call over to the ER. It was kind of disconcerting, you told us. It was confusing to think you were calling Sunset Animal Clinic only to get an emergency hospital on the line, you said. Well… no longer.

We listened. We changed our way of doing things so we could bring you a better option and bring what’s considered a “best veterinary practice” to Sunset. We’re the first and only veterinary clinic in Miami to offer it. And those of you who’ve experienced the change are telling us you love it!

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