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Adding After Hours Services To Sunset Animal Clinic’s Best Veterinary Practices

Bringing the best veterinary care to our patients sometimes means shaking things up a little. In this case, I’m referring to our new after hours service. 

For years, when you’d call us after hours we’d automatically shift your call over to the ER. It was kind of disconcerting, you told us. It was confusing to think you were calling Sunset Animal Clinic only to get an emergency hospital on the line, you said. Well… no longer.

We listened. We changed our way of doing things so we could bring you a better option and bring what’s considered a “best veterinary practice” to Sunset. We’re the first and only veterinary clinic in Miami to offer it. And those of you who’ve experienced the change are telling us you love it!

Here’s how it works: Instead of getting the animal ER on the line, you have the option of speaking to one of our excellent team members at Guardian Vets. Guardian Vets is an after hours veterinary service that knows us personally here at Sunset Animal Clinic. Instead of offering you a blanket statement like, “You have to come in and pay an emergency fee,” your after hours issues are individually addressed by a team of credentialed emergency experts. 

Here are some of your impressions on this new best practice we’re offering:

  • “It’s awesome! They’re smart and nice. And after hours service was exactly what you needed.”
  • “I feel like I’m not being told to come in just because they want their $100 emergency visit fee.” 
  • “When my dog had a seizure, they told me what to do right away before directing me to the emergency room. They waited on the line while I did what they recommended and were really helpful and supportive during my freak out.” 
  • “After my cat’s dental surgery I had even more questions I’d forgot to ask Dr. Dueñas. They were able to handle my issues without making me go to the ER.”
  • “Speaking to someone overnight made me feel comfortable waiting to see Dr. Rocky in the morning.”
  • When my dog’s ear blew up like a balloon I was worried it would explode. They made me realize that an ear hematoma could wait until morning, probably saving me hundreds of dollars.”

Guardian Vets is a so-called “triage” service. All they do is answer calls from worried pet parents. They deal with emergency issues all night long and even on holidays. They know our area and can direct you to the closest ER we recommend. And it’s available to anyone who calls us overnight; not just our regular client but new ones, too. 

It’s great. But not all of our clients know about it. So share about it on Facebook. Tell your friends and family who already come here (or those who you’re referring). And feel free to take advantage of the service. Even if you don’t necessarily have an emergency, you’re free to call to get any routine questions answered, too. 

Thanks again for being part of our network of friends and family. We love you and hope to bring even more great services and best practices your way.

-Dr. Patty Khuly

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