Our state-of-the-art surgical suite is available for the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures. Routine surgical procedures are our specialty, which makes sense given our philosophy that specialists are better suited to the management of complex procedures. Nonetheless, we will undertake more complex procedures when cost is an overriding factor for our clients.  


We utilize the safest available anesthetics, tailored to your pet's individual needs, to provide an extra margin of safety — especially for our older or high-risk patients. Using the most modern equipment, our patients' vital signs are always meticulously monitored during all anesthetic procedures: Pulse oximetry, blood pressure, EKG, CO2 monitoring and table warming technology are all employed here at Sunset. 


Our top-quality dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, digital dental X-rays, simple to complex tooth extractions, and other oral surgery, including mass removal, uncomplicated fracture treatment and laceration repair. Our dental technicians have all undertaken continuing education coursework with board-certified dentist Dr. Jan Bellows. Dr. Bellows is always available for the treatment of more complex dental conditions at Hometown Animal Hospital in Weston, FL. 

Spay & Neuter.

Here at Sunset we're experts in surgical sterilization for both dogs and cats. We'll help you come to the most considered decision when it comes to the ideal timing of your pet's spay or neuter. Modern sterilization techniques are a specialty.

Vasectomy & Alternative Sterilization.

Always open-minded, Dr. Khuly performs vasectomies for the sterilization of male dogs. Sterilization via Zeuterin injection is another alternative. And for those who demand a "cosmetic" appearance, Neuticles are also available. All by special request only. 

Cosmetic Surgery.

Here at Sunset, cosmetic surgery is not a priority. In fact, it's only rarely undertaken and only under very specific circumstances. We perform no ear cropping and only rarely perform tail docks and dewclaw procedures on newborns. In fact, even declawing cats is very reluctantly undertaken and only by special request by some of our doctors. Please plan accordingly.