As a convenience to our clients we make it easy to order drugs, therapeutic diets and pet products via our online pharmacy. Automatic refills make shipping a breeze (and FREE). And don't worry –– our prices are competitive with all the major online pharmacies in the industry. 

Nutritional Therapy.

Here at Sunset we stock Royal Canin's full line of therapeutic diets. Unfortunately, we don't always have every diet available at all times. That's why we always ask that you re-order a few days before you know you'll be needing more. Or just sign up for our online pharmacy's auto-ship option for even greater convenience.

Prescription Drugs.

As a convenience to our clients we maintain a comprehensive inventory of pharmaceuticals. From antibiotics and antacids to pain relievers, we stock a full pharmacy. 

Vitamins & Supplements.

Whether s/he's a youngster or an oldie, we carry a limited line of vitamin and supplement options here. The rest are available through our online pharmacy. 

Shampoos & Skin Support.

At Sunset we're picky about skin. We develop programs for the specific needs of your pet and your own particular environmental situation, including shampoos and other skin support products which we carry in house. 

Parasite Control.

Every pet has his or her own individual parasite treatment and prevention needs. With the new drugs and products on the market we can help keep your parasite problem under control.