"...the entire staff is pleasant and professional. Crazy, huh? Professional staff in Miami. AND the place is clean. Score." — Yelp Reviewer

Connie Rocamonde, Practice Manager

Connie’s career at Sunset has spanned almost two decades, during which time she’s amassed more unexpected life skills than her background in operations might have predicted. Getting bitten in the backside and handling it with grace is but one of her newfound areas of expertise.


Nancy Zidek, Veterinary Technician

Since 1988, Nancy has taken the lead in the laboratory at Sunset. Her magical way with cats and her steady hand at the microscope, among other invaluable assets, are legendary here. She lives in Westchester with Caramel, a rescue pup whose name perfectly matches her disposition.

 Pic coming soon!

Pic coming soon!

Kristen McReynolds, Veterinary Technician

Meet Kristen the Great. While primarily responsible for hospital crew management, she serves as lead surgical technician too. Her past credentials include the management of a busy after-hours emergency room. She lives in South Kendall with a large menagerie, including Ninja the three-legged cat and his tyrant, a demanding one-year-old human (the intrepid Peyton). 


Estela "Mickey" Torres, Director of Patient Services

Deep into her second decade at Sunset, Mickey’s fierce dedication to treating patients as if they were her own is undiminished. Pity the fool who stands between Mickey and the proper administration of patient care.


Audrey Mateo, Reception Team

The intrepid Audrey had no idea what she was getting into when she accepted a reception team position at Sunset. Though she might’ve preferred a coveted spot on the Olympic softball team, we're is a close second. Where else can she hone her prodigious people skills and trust someone to groom her Chewy, too?


Francesca Toledo, Reception Team

Devoted Sunset veteran and professional actress, Francesca is everything a Sunset receptionist should be: an animal-adoring, whip-smart problem solver who puts a creative spin on her take-no-prisoners approach to life and work.

Anthony Mateo, Hospital Crew

Personable, sharp and handy around all our new gadgets and gizmos, Anthony's proven himself a valuable addition to the clinic's crew. Though he's at his best holding patients in the exam room and prepping pets for surgery, he's not above scooping poop or answering phones, too. After hours, he can be found glued to whichever the newest shooter video game is making the rounds (and to his two cats).


Corey Raymond, Hospital Crew

Our resident whiz kid, Corey, is helping bring Sunset’s computer systems into the 21st century. Oh, and did we mention he’s a whiz around the animals, too? Just ask the kittens. They’ll agree. That is, as long as he’s the crew member currently opening the can of cat food.


Camila Sicard, Hospital Crew

As one client recently put it, “She really has an intuitive connection to the animals. Can I take her home with me?” No, you can’t take her home but if you’re lucky, your pets can go home to her “Patas House” when you go on vacation.

Matthew Prieto, Hospital Crew

King of the kennels, Matthew is a boon to the clinic's back end and is steadily working his way forward. When he's not helping in X-ray and the exam rooms, he's busy making sure all the hospitalized patients get everything they need. Like most of his fellow crew members, his off hours skew towards interactive screen time (sense a pattern here?).

Gina Velez, Hospital Crew

On Gina's very first day she disappeared silently into the disturbingly disorganized kennel area. Within the hour she had emerged, victorious; order had been restored. Such is the Way of Gina: Silent. Stealthy. Ordered. Effective. Oh, and the kittens purr at the very sight of her. Conclusion: She must have been a cat in all her past lives.

Devin Gamboa, Hospital Crew

Devin is Sunset's all-purpose veterinary assistant extraordinaire. That means he's equally at home holding dogs, taking X-rays, feeding kittens and scrubbing floors. His aspirations to a career in veterinary medicine mean he'll soon be taking on laboratory and surgery duties along with the rest of his responsibilities.

Grumpy, The House Cat

Grumpy’s story differs depending on who’s telling it, but the one thing we do know for sure is that she’s lucky to be alive –– especially considering her "special" disposition. But knowing Grumpy, we're pretty sure that's not how she sees it. In fact, she probably considers us lucky we get to clean her litterbox.