Low-stress Handling.

At Sunset we know it’s stressful to come to the vet, so we work hard to offer our patients a low-stress experience in a more home-like environment. We treat our dogs with the warm friendliness they respond to and offer our cats the soft touch they require.

House Calls.

For the especially stressed, we also offer house calls, a separate entrance for the anxious (call ahead), and dark, quiet spots for hospitalized patients (when necessary and appropriate). 

At-home Euthanasia & Hospice Care.

Is it time? Not sure? Don’t worry … you don’t have to stress your elderly pets with a strenuous vet visit. Instead, we’ll come to you. Whether euthanasia is elected or hospice care is rendered instead, we take care of all the details with the help of our friends at Pet Heaven.

Remote “Pet-Cam” Monitoring.

When our patients require intensive care overnight and on weekends, we make sure they’re well taken care of at one of our nearby after-hours facilities. But when our less-intensive treatments necessitate overnight stays, our patients are monitored 24/7 via remote “pet cam” technology.


Kittens are a fact of life for every animal lover, but perhaps more so for those of us who work at veterinary hospitals. Here at Sunset our team members are allowed to house their foundling kittens (and sometimes adult cats, dogs and puppies too) until they’re adopted. Our waiting room’s hyper-entertaining and soon-to-be-world famous “Kitten Cam” helps broadcast the adorability of these purr-fect babies. What do you say? You know you want one …


One thing you’ll never see at Sunset is a bank of boarding kennels. Here we believe that a veterinary facility should only house hospitalized patients –– for the benefit of sick and well patients, alike. The exception that proves the rule addresses chronically ill patients alone. For those who require special care when their owners go out of town, we’re willing to make arrangements.


Another thing you’ll never see at Sunset is a dedicated grooming parlor. We do, however, make exceptions for patients who require “anesthetic” or “heavy sedation” grooming for non-cosmetic reasons. It also bears noting that the word “effective” should replace “attractive” in any description of our “grooming” services. Though we do aim to please, show-quality grooming is not our area of expertise. (Fair warning.)

Training & Behavior Services.

The veterinarians and veterinary team here work closely with local trainers and board-certified veterinary behaviorists to bring our patients the newest recommendations and access the highest quality training and behavior services available anywhere.


This procedure is quick and easy and helps reunite you with your pets should they find themselves lost or stolen. No anesthesia or sedation necessary!